National Symbols of India

National Symbols of India:

national symbols of india

The national symbols of India have been chosen carefully. Here is a description of why the Nation chose these particular things. Here is one thing to explain the National Anthem inspired many Indian freedom fighters and the Youth to participate without hesitation, and even everyone was ready to sacrifice their lives to free our motherland from the British. The national emblem was also adopted from Ashoka Stupa, where the four lions stood back to back. This symbolizes courage, pride, and confidence. During British rule, the Indian Hockey team showed its skills and brought the identity of India to foreign countries. So the game is chosen as our National game.

national symbols of india

National Bird of India:

The Peacock is a beautiful and colourful bird. A lot of Indian tradition and culture mingled with the activities and colours of this Bird. We can see birds in every region of India, as declared our national Bird in 1963. The Bird symbolizes beauty and grace; we can’t find the Peacock in any other country.┬áSo the Bird is peculiar to the Indians.

National Animal of India:

The Indian tiger, especially the Bengali tiger, is very famous in India and worldwide. In India, many sanctuaries are located to preserve the population of Tigers. The government is also taking preventive measures to increase the forest Tiger population. It is also called the lord of the Jungle, and in 1973 Indian government declared the tiger the national animal of India.

national symbols of india

The National Emblem of India:

The National Emblem of India was adopted from Ashoka Stupa from Sarnath. The symbol contains four Asiatic Lions standing back to back on a circular abacus. At the bottom of Lion’s abacus sculpture, an elephant, a horse, and a bull and lion sculptures were carved.

national symbols of india

National Anthem of India:

Rabindranath Tagore wrote the National Anthem of India, Jana Gana Mana. First, it was initially composed in Bengali. Later the Anthem was composed in Hindi. During the preparation of the Indian Constitution, the song was adopted as the national anthem of India on 24 January 1950.

national symbols of india

National Flower of India:

In every Hindu mythology, the description of the Lotus flower is mentioned. The Hindus feel that the flower is very sacred, and devotees worship the Goddesses with these flowers. Goddess Lakshmi sits on the Lotus flower to give prosperity to the people. It sprouts from the mud of waste as a pure flower. So the flower was chosen as the National flower of India. The flower symbolizes achievement, prosperity, and purity.

national symbols of india

The National Fruit of India:

Mangoes are called the king of all fruits. They are very delicious, and people are eager to eat them with utmost happiness. For thousands of years, mangoes have been cultivated in India. There are wide varieties of mangoes that are now growing in India. The Hindus treat the mango leaves as very sacred, and on auspicious days, the leaves hang at the thresholds.

national symbols of india

The National Song of India:

Bankimchandra Chatterjee wrote the National song of India was written by Bankimchandra Chatterjee in the Sanskrit language. The son has inspired the freedom fighters and infused the Youth to participate in the freedom struggle. Before the Independence, Vande Mataram was the National Anthem. Later India gained independence non-Hindu communities objected to it, choosing the national anthem because some sentences, like Maa Durga, represent the Hindu community. So that Vande Mataram was selected as the national Song, and Jana gana Mana’ was adopted as the national anthem.

national symbols of india

The National Game of India:

In India, cricket is a viral game. Perhaps hockey turned into the national game of India. During the period of declaring the national game of India, Hockey was very famous, and the game had a golden ear before 1956. The Indian hockey team gained six gold medals in the Olympics. The game also brought glory to India in foreign countries. India played 24 matches in the Olympic games and won all the matches. So India declared hockey as the national game of India.

bational symbols of india

The National Tree of India:

The Banyan tree has a peculiar place in Indian history. The Banyan tree gives expanded shade and shelters many birds and animals. So this represents unity in diversity among the people. It grew a lot and stretched to provide refuge to many Birds and animals. We can see the agreement by explaining the tree’s deep routes and large branches. In one part, it shows the strength of our country. The tree has medicinal properties and is associated with longevity. So the Indians called as Kalpavriksha, which means fulfilling people’s wishes.