Facts of India

Facts of India :

1. The Indus Valley Civilization

facts of india

World’s most ancient advanced civilization was born in the Valley of Indus. It is now called the Indus Valley Civilization, where the houses were constructed with Architecture plans. The Drainage system, city planning, and everything were very similar to the present civilization. Sucuniqueng townships were built by the Indians thousands of years ago.

2. World First Universities Established In India

Nalanda Universities

The Famous Ancient Indian Universities Taxila and Nalanda were established 700 years before Christ. The universities had 10,500 students from various countries worldwide, and the Teachers preach to the students on 70 subjects. What a wonderful country India is. Universities have spread profound knowledge in every corner of the world thousands of years ago.

3. Ayurvedic Medicine.


Charaka, the great Indian Physician, developed the Very Ancient Medicine Ayurveda during Ancient times. The Ayurveda treatment has no side effects and takes a holistic view of the person being treated. Still, Ayu and Aveda medicine has been functioning in developed countries like America, Canada, France etc.

4. Astronomy. 



The great Astronomer and Mathematician Bhaskara Charya was the first person to calculate the time taken by the Earth to Orbit the Sun. His calculations showed that the Earth takes around 365.258756484 days to go around the Sun once. It is unbelievable to Scientists to calculate thousands of years ago with exact measures. NASA also proved his Calculations.

5. Indians invented Pie Value.



Indian famous Mathematician Budhayana invented Pythagoras’ theory during the 6th century. He was the first person to calculate the value of “PIE” and explain the concept of Pythagoras’ theory. Indians were very advanced in science, Mathematics, and astronomy, all a thousand years ago.

Another some facts about India are

6. Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus and Mathematics subjects were born in India.



Indians were very advanced in Mathematics theories. They Invented Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus and other Mathematics theories. Sridhara acharya profound the Quadratic equations during the 11th century.

7. The Earliest Reservoir.



¬†Indian Kings had far sight of cultivation and the need for water. The great Sakha King Rudra Daman I built the earliest Reservoir for Irrigation in SouRastra hundred years ago. This lake was called ‘Sudharshana’.

8. Chess, the Brilliant Game.



Thousands of years ago, kings enjoyed playing “Chess”. The game was populated in Ancient India. The game is a beautiful gift to the world by Indians.

9. Operated  Surgeries 2500 years ago.



Now doc, tors are doing the operations with the support of technology. But 2500 years ago in India, the great Physician Sushratha conducted complicated Surgeries like Caesareans, Cataract Operations, Operated the Kidneys to remove stones. He did Plastic surgeries and Brain Surgeries also. He used nearly 1000 small instruments for Operations.

10. Usage of Anesthesia was well-known in Ancient India.

These are some facts about India.