Mahapadma Nanda – The Warrior King

Indian King Mahapadma Nanda:

Mahapadma Nanda was the founder of Nanda Dynasty. He was born to Mahanandin the king of the Shishunaga Dynasty, and Sudra woman on 400BCE. Earlier his father’s wives and sons opposed him to become king, but Mahapadma Nanda eliminated all of them and gained the throne.indian-kings-mahapadma nanda

Expand his Kingdom:

Mahapadma Nanda, the first great North Indian King, who established strong kingdom Magadha. He vanquished the old dynasties and uprooted the entire Kshatriya Dynasties which were contemporary to him. He expanded the Magadha kingdom from Punjab in the west to Bengal in the east and Vindhya mountains in the south. Almost the present North India and ruled by him. He became very more powerful king and himself declared Ekachhatra, which means the only emperor in the entire land. His dream of Sole ruler came into truth. He gave a new life to the idea of Magadha imperialism, which was running low key after the death of Ajathasatru.


Moreover, he collects a substantial amount of land tax from his extensive kingdom and utilized the money for the maintenance of his army.  He was very prosperous and concentrated on Agriculture and water facilities before the drought occurs. So that he dug the canals from the Ganges river and made fertile the lands. After conquered the Kalinga kingdom, he recognized Kalinga was drought affected area, so immediately established a canal system in the region and ruined the drought affected areas, and made them greenery.

His name also mentioned in Puranas and some Scriptures. He was not only a great warrior but also a good administrator. According to the historians, he died in 329 BCE.