Kunal The Tragic King of Indian History

Kunal Son of Ashoka the Great:

Kunal was a famous Indian writer and his life was very misery. He was born in 263 BC, Emperor Ashoka the great was his father and mother Queen Padmavati. He was the presumptive heir to Ashoka and the future emperor of Mauryan Dynasty. The Dynasty ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent. Ashoka’s eldest son Mahendra was the departure to Sri Lanka to expand the Buddhism. So Kunal was the future emperor of Mauryan dynasty. But his stepmother felt jealousy and wanted to make his own son Samprati as the heir to Mauryan Dynasty. Her evil thoughts made him very cruel and her plans made the heir as blind.

Kunal Become Blind:

After very few months of Kunal birth, Queen Padmavati died and Asandhimitra became the chief queen consort to Ashoka. She loved Kunal very much and brought up him as his own son. When the boy was eight, Ashoka wanted to send him to Ujjain to learn princely education in order to make him the heir to the throne of Mauryan Empire. As the wish of Ashoka, the boy started to go to Ujjain to learn about administration, Marshal Arts and war techniques.

Before going to the Ujjain, Ashoka wrote a letter to the clerk in Ujjain, where the heir was going to learn under their guidance. At the mean time Samprati’s mother, who wanted to made Samprati as the heir to Maurya Empire, read the letter. Then she secretly changed Adheeyu into Andheeyu, which gives the meaning that Kunal must be blinded. Ashoka sends the letter to the clerk in Ujjain without reading it. The clerk was shocked when looking into the letter and not read loudly and kept the face sad. Then the young heir read the cruel sentences in the letter and obeyed the emperor orders. Kunal himself touch the eyesight to the hot iron and became blind.
There were many stories about the Blinding of Kunal but they have some contradictions. Kunal read the sentences in the letter and went to his father, asked about the sentences in the letter. Then Ashoka came to know who made the change the sentences in the letter. He got furious and sentenced his wife died. But some are uncertain to believe.

Attempts to claim throne:

Kunal married Kanchanmala and faced many difficulties for sustain of life due to his blindness. One day he came to Ashoka’s court accompanied by his wife Kanchanmala as a musician. He played the music greatly and appeased the king with his music. Then the pleased king Ashoka wanted to give him many gifts, So he asked him what he wants? At the mean time, a minister of the court revealed him the musician was no other than the Prince Kunala. Then Kunal demanded his inheritance of Mauryan Empire. The depressed Ashoka revealed that the blind never could ascend the throne. Kunal asked Ashoka, the inheritance not for him, for his son ‘Sampriti’. Therefore Ashoka appointed Samprati as his Successor. When the time of Ashoka death, Sampriti was too young to rule, so Ashoka’s another grandson Dasaratha became the ruler. Later Dasharatha’s demise Samprati becomes the Emperor of Mauryan Dynasty.