Tripura Traditional Costumes

tripura traditional costumes

Tripura Traditional Costumes:

Tripura Traditional Costumes are very simple. The North-Eastern states influence a lot on the tradition and culture of Tripura. Here the people follow the similar tradition and wearing clothing styles of other north-eastern states. But the outfits are totally different and designs and patterns also quite different from other states of India. Generally, Tripura is a hilly area surrounded by natural beauties. Here the weavers very experienced and very experts to create stunning designs on the clothes. They are very talented to weave the dresses for kids, youngsters and elders. Tripura region contains various group of Tribes; the main tribes are Lushei, Khakloo, Kuki-Chin, and Hallam. These tribes weave their traditional outfits.

Khakloo Tribe Clothes:

Khakloo tribes weave outstanding designed clothing. They lead a simple lifestyle and humble manner. The costume designs also very simple and most of the tribe people wear the same pattern dresses. The dresses are a very comfort to do the work in hilly weather. During the rainy season and in winter people are very aware of wearing the clothes and used Loincloth dresses during these seasons.

Tripura Costumes for Men:

Traditional costume for men in Tripura is a towel, which is known as Rikutu Gamcha. Kubai is one type of shirt. Men wear Rikutu Gamcha with Kubai. During the summer to protect from the excessive heat Tripura Men wear turban or Pagri over their head. Here the people also influencing to the western culture, especially the younger generation are interesting to wear Jeans, Trousers, Shirts and T-shirts and variety of modern lifestyle costumes.

Tripura Traditional Costumes for Women: 

tripura traditional costumesRinai is a traditional cloth of Khakloo tribe women. Khakloo is a large piece of cloth; women cover themselves with this cloth. The cloth dropped till the knees and cover across the waist. Risa is a short size of cloth and designed it with gorgeous embroideries. At the time of working outside, women wear headdresses to protect from weather.
The Tripura females wear the coin strands and plethora of beads for their beauty to enrich more. They wear the petticoat with a blue cotton fabric. During the festival seasons and the dance performance movement, they wore extra clothing and beautiful jewelry. Tripura people celebrate their traditional festivals by following their traditions strictly.