Mizoram Traditional Costumes, The Cultural Unity

Mizoram Traditional Costumes: 

mizoram traditional costumes
Mizoram is one of the North-Eastern states in India. It contains many hill stations. The traditional Mizoram costumes are like the outfits of other hill states. The costumes have many colourful designs and stimulate and attract people to buy the clothes. They follow the tradition and culture of their condition with the utmost respect.

Mizoram Traditional Costumes for Women: 

Puran is the favourite dress of Mizoram Women. They seem very beautiful and lively colours. Girls wear Puanchei costumes which enrich their beauty. During the festival seasons, women wear Pawl Kut and Chapchar Kut, the beautiful traditional costumes of Mizoram. The shades on the cloth are a combination of white and black colours. The black areas on the fabric are covered with synthetic fur. Women wear this outfit for special occasions such as marriage and on auspicious days.

mizoram traditional costumes

Another magnificent woman costume is the “Kawrchei” blouse, woven by hand and using cotton. This blouse is worn by the women who are performing the Paunchei dance. Kawrchei is a magnificent blouse. It is made of cotton material and hand weaving. The blouse is commonly worn with Paunchei while dancing. Before the advent of Machines, these clothes were made manually, but now these clothes are prepared by using high-quality machines. These clothes are crafted with cotton and use various designs.
The famous Lusei tribe people use blue coloured skirts made of cotton. A white jacket and a wrapped cloth are worn over the Blue Skirt. The tribe girls wear headgear also. Unmarried females wore the Zakuolaisen, a blouse with crimson stripes, and the married girls wore Puone Pie.

Traditional Costumes for Men: 

Mizoram Men like to lead a simple life. Wearing the clothing also seems very simple and shows dignity. They wear a long piece of cloth in a simple design or plain. During the winter, men wore additional clothing over the dress as a coat due to the cold weather. Generally, the skins are in red and white colours.
During the summer, a Pagri or Turban is put on the heads to prevent the sun’s heat. Especially Lucie tribe prefer to wear cotton-made clothing to avoid heat.