Indian Man Traditional Costumes

The traditional Costumes for Men in India:

India is a place for rich traditional culture and activities. Here the costumes for men have traditionally comprised the Dhoti and Kurta. However, here the sites have different traditions and cultures, so every state in the Country has its traditional clothing for men and women. Men in India wear Sherwani-Churidar, Dhoti, Jodhpuris, Angarkha, Turbans and Kurta-pajamas. This conventional clothing gives the identification of the men of the particular state.


Dhoti is an important Traditional costume for men. It is a traditional style and a rectangular piece of cloth. Men wrapped around the waist and the legs. The Dhoti is in white cream colour and wears in 60 different ways. Indians wear them every day and are very comfortable doing countryside work. Now a day, dhotis are available in various colours—the weavers creating in vivid and vibrant ensembles. Wearing a kurta on Dhoti is the present style called Dhoti Kurta.


Churidar is in the style of a baggy drawstring trouser and fixed tightly along the lower calf. Traditionally called kameez or Kurta, but Churidar word came from the word ‘Choori’, which means bangles. These are in white and made with fine muslin or cotton. The groom usually wears these in North India.


Angavastram is a traditional piece of cloth. It has very important in India during auspicious events. The amount of material is generally wrapped around the waist. We can see the style of wearing at the Sanchi, Nagarjunakonda and Amaravati sculptures. In ancient times, the Brahmin class wore compulsory while performing poojas and other traditional rituals. The Brahmins wrapped around the deities in the temples also. Generally, the Angavastram weaves with pure silk. The head of the village is also draped over the shoulder when they wear the cotton handloom dhoti.


Jodhpuris are other men who wear traditional costumes. These costumes are designed with rich embroidery designs like Phulkari and Zardoji. These embroidery works give rich looks, so these designs are adapted to women’s outfits.


Sherwani is famous for wedding costumes. It seems very attractive, like a long coat, and similar to Achkan. The Sherwani coat fits the body, and the front buttons look different. The skin extends slightly below knee length. Sherwanis are designed with embroidery to bring elegance to the spectators.


In India, men wear turbans on various occasions, which is essential in society. Pagdi also such headdress. In Hindi turban is called as Pagdi. These turban cloths seem very long and wound around the head. Some turban cloths are up to 45 meters in various colours.