Madhya Pradesh Traditional Costumes

Madhya Pradesh Traditional Costumes:

madhya pradesh traditional costumesMadhya Pradesh traditional costumes are the combination of ancient culture and modern fashion. The state located at very center of India and also called as ‘Heart of India’. The state people are the combination of tribes, religious, high class and downtrodden people. So here the culture seems unity in diversity. The clothing of the state displays in multiple dimensions in different aspects. Here people wear different designed beautiful costumes and rich ornaments.

Madhya Pradesh Traditional Costumes for Men:

Men wear the traditional dress Dhoti which also the traditional costume to various regions in India. Another traditional costume is Safa, it is one type of turban. Wearing Safa enriches the appearance of the men. Mirzai and Bandi are other traditional costumes to Men in Madhya Pradesh. They are in a black or white jacket. The Men in Malwa and Bundelkhand give a lot of preference to wear Mirzai and Bandi. The color of the costumes shows the dignity and radiant appearance. The very rural area people wear mostly short Dhotis. The Dhotis are very comfort while working in outside and they are famous as Langot.

Madhya Pradesh Traditional Costumes for Women:

madhya pradesh traditional costumesWomen in Madhya Pradesh wear the common dress called Lehenga and Choli. They also wear the Lugra or Orni which covered over shoulder and head. The costumes are generally in Black and Red colors and women also interested to wear the dress in Black and Red colors. At present some of the women also wearing the saris and now following the modern fashioned costumes.

Bandhani Dress:

Ujjain, Indore, and Maundsar are mostly producing Bandhani dresses. The dress yarn is dyed in many methods, especially wax applies to the yarn to bring some stiffness to weave comfortably and bring richness to the cloth. This dress is widely worn all across Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is famous for Maheshwari and Chanderi Sarees and well-known rest of India. These dresses are also very famous in foreign countries. The sari designs very complexly and moderate. The colors of the saris are very attractive. The people of Madhya Pradesh are influencing by sophisticated societies, so here females can be seen in Western outfits. The growth of the technology and infrastructure development the tribal areas and small towns’ women following the changes in wearing the costumes are occurring.

Traditional Ornaments:

Kathir and Silver’s ornaments are very famous in tribal areas. Tribal women interested to wear these ornaments. Over the traditional costumes, women prefer to wear the Bangles, necklaces, and bracelets to show the great virtue of women. Pyheb is another ornament, girls’ interest to wear it on feet. While the girls walking and running, it makes beautiful sounds.

Tattoo Designing:

Tattoo designing is very common in rural and tribal areas. The people who live in Bajara, Bhil, Kumhar, Bhilala, and Kahar are very interested to mark tattoo designs on their hands and foreheads. The Tattoo designs are their own names or the God’s pictures.