Haryana Traditional Costumes,

Haryana Traditional Costumes:

Haryana traditional costumes are very famous in Eastern India. The Haryana people are very interest to follow their tradition land culture. Here every activity and in their wearing clothes we can see the reflections of nature and culture of Haryana. The people of Haryana lead a very simple life. Although they wear a very simple style of clothes are the turban, dhoti, shirt and their tradition style of shoes. Wearing of Dhoti is in different styles according to their specific castes as Rajput, Brahman, Bania, Ahir and Jat. We can identify the Haryana people according to their wearing of turbans. Due to their tradition, Men always take a blanket over their shoulder as a wrapper.

Women Traditional Costumes:

haryana traditional costumes

Jat community women wear a shirt, ghagra and orhani which fall below the foreleg. Hence these costumes printed with various colors. The whole costumes called as thel. Ahir community women wear a petticoat, orhani and angia. Angia is a tight fitting blouse. Ahir community women can easily recognizable when they are in public. Jat and Ahir community women generally work outside the house and in fields. So these costumes are very helpful to the women to cover the abdomen.

Haryana traditional Costumes Designs:

The costumes colors in yellow and red and can find a resemblance between Ahir and Rajput women costumes designs. Saris and Dhotis are the favorite dressing attires to the Brahmin and Aggarwal women. Haryana women wore three varieties of costumes. One variety wears at the time of field work. The second one used at the time of grindstone and the third one used while bringing the water from well.

Marriage Dresses:

Haryana women wear very colorful costumes on the occasion of marriage. According to the Hindu tradition, women wear traditional saris with bright colors and specific designs. Haryana women also prefer to wear Kamiz, Ghagra, Salwar-kamiz with over cloth or dupatta and Pajamas in various colors. The educated women prefer to wear saris. Women wearing costumes in Haryana represents the different casts and community of Haryana people. Hence we can easily find the Chamar Community people by identifying their red attire and the Gujjar community through their blue Colour clothes.

Jewelry of Haryana Women:

haryana traditional costumesHaryana People are very much interested in wearing their traditional jewellery and accessories. Almost the general jewelry of Haryana women is gold and silver earrings in small size. The gold chains and necklaces called in Jat community as Kathla. Jat prefers to wear this jewelry on auspicious days. Bania people wear ‘mala’ jewelry, which the gold chains and necklaces in separate designs. Generally, Haryana People wear this costly jewelry on important days, festival days and on during the marriages.
The ornaments mostly made of silver and gold. Aged women prefer to wear the “Hansil” ornaments which made with silver and weights heavy. The gold necklaces called bujini and silver dandle wear in the ear. The nose ring called as Nath. There are much variety of jewelers are in the traditional life of Haryana People.