Rajneesh the Founder of Osho Movement

Rajneesh Osho

Osho the famous Indian philosopher and the leader of Osho movement. He was born on the 11th December 1931 at Kuchwada, a small village situated in the Narsinghpur District, Madhya Pradesh. He was the eldest in the family and their parents were in the cloth business. His father name was Babulal and mother Saraswati Jain. They were the followers of Taranpanthi Jains.

Early Days

He spent most of his childhood days with his grandparents. They took care of his life and this period played a major role in his life. They move very intimacy with him and allowed to live in his own way, how to live in the society. Especially his grandmother didn’t impose any restrictions on his education. Instead of that, they encouraged him to do whatever his heart feels right. This freedom made his life very easy to learn what he was interested. At the age of seven, his grandfather died so again he went back to his family to live. Again at the age of 15 his childhood girlfriend Shashi died. These two deaths affected him a lot in his childhood and youth. So that during his teenage, he spent most of his time lonely and did many things to gain attain for fulfil his life ambition. Generally, he was a gifted student and a good debater. He never hesitates to reveal his opinions on various issues while debates were continuing with the elders.


Rajneesh was a brilliant student; in 1951 he completed his school education and went to Jabalpur to join in Hitkarini College. There his disruptive behaviour caused him to transfer to D.N. Jain College. In 1953 he left the education for one year for meditation to achieve the enlightenment. After one year he claimed that he had achieved the enlightenment. The next year again joined in college and completed the bachelor degree in philosophy. In 1957 he completed master degree in Philosophy at Sagar University and worked as an assistant professor. He opposed the theories of socialism so that he travelled all over India and gave lectures his thoughts and socialism. He also started meditation camp in Pune in 1964 and became a renowned spiritual leader.

Osho Movement


At the age of 21, he had attained enlightenment and started preaching the philosophy of life.  After he got enlightenment during 1970 and 1980, Chandra Mohan Jain became famous as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Later the years he changed his name as Osho and began the spiritual movement which was famous as Osho movement. This spiritual movement became very fame of enlightening the thoughts of the people for peace. At the mean time, the same movement falls in controversy.


Osho philosophical preaches discussed the three principles of consciousness, compassion and creativity. In his opinion, these three principals were the main reasons to know the quality of depth. Everyone has these three qualities, however, one cannot keep himself these three principles and keep themselves from the creativity. He was also deeply discussed other four qualities of people which could make a man as well human beings. Those are belief, perfectionism, intellectual level and consciousness.


He continued his teachings to the people, finally, he died on 19 January 1990 in Pune with heart failure. He was the founder of Osho Ashram in Pune and later became a popular destination place for the people who are seeking for the peace of mind. The Pune Ashram became very famous as International Meditation Resort. Every year 2 lakh people visit this place to know the spirituality. Still, his followers opened several meditation centres all over India to spread his beliefs.