Savitri Actress – The Queen of Indian Cinema

Savitri Biography

Savitri was a great actress on the Indian film celluloid. She acted more than three hundred movies and left her great performance in the film industry, acted in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. Even she produced many human-related stories based films and got national awards also. Still every artist in India feels her a prestigious artist. Ever since she


was eight, interested in learning classical dance. Later, associated herself with theater and formed a theater organisation as well. When she was twelve, got an offer in Telugu film Agnipareeksha, but refused to give the Heroine role due to her appearance as too younger girl.

Early Film Career:

Later she acted as a dancer in ‘Pathala Bhairavi’ and her beautiful face and magnificent performance caused to get a heroine chance in Samsaram in 1950. The renowned director L.V.Prasad guided her during the performance, but she felt very nervous before the camera and failed to give perfect performance according to the character. So that again she dropped from the film. This was a setback to her early career, later got only small characters which have less importance.

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But in the film Devadasu she got the heroine chance opposite to another great actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao. Her character name was Parvathi and performed tremendously. Her performance made the audience stun and more became the fan of Savitri. As Parvathi in this film, she acted marvelously in the role of a lover to Devadasu and another role of a rich man’s wife.

Mahanati Savitri Performance

Savitri captured the audiences with her charm and magnificent acting skills. She was able to convey a wide range of feelings through her expressive eyes. Her mischievous look, it captivates anyone, the look of fake anger provokes, the look filled with real anger pierces the heart. Love, affection, and anger all these myriad emotions hidden in her eyes.

She played marvelous characters in Missamma as Sesirekha in Maya Bazar, Chivaraku Migiledi and all the roles made her the great artist on the Cinema Celluloid. The actress was awarded the title ‘Mahanati’ and got ‘Kalaimannani and Nadigayar Tilakam from Tamil film industry. Savitri was not only a humane artist but also a generous common woman, helped in wide range to the poor people who were in need. Once she donated all the jewelery which was wore by her to the P.M fund. In India, all the other cinema actors praised her with great respect. She married Tamil actor Gemini Ganesh and finally breathed her last in 1981.

Savitri Love Story

Gemini Ganesan was working as a casting assistant in Gemini Studios. During his working time, he happened to meet magnificent faced Savitri. Savitri visited the studio for the photographs to promote herself in the film industry in order to get the good opportunities. The passionate Ganesan admire the beauty and smile of the girl. This was the first meeting happened between them. In the later years, both had featured as hero and heroine in few movies.

The two lovers got many chances as hero and heroine. The actress reputation sprout after the release of Telugu movie Pelli Chesi Choodu and Gemini Ganesan turned as emerging star after Tamil Film Thai Ullam. The lovers maintained the relationship for several years and wanted to get marry. However, Gemini had married Alamelu and had children and also had maintained an affair with his co-star Pushpavalli. Due to these Gemini Ganesan’s relations, Savitri wanted to keep the marriage with him in secret. Savitri parents and co-stars also opposed her marriage with Ganesan. But Savitri didn’t tolerated to any words and lead painful life in her later years.