Karnataka Festivals Famous for Cultural Unity

Fairs and Festivals in Karnataka:

Karnataka is famous for its Historical heritage and culture. Prominent dynasties ruled this land for centuries. Some historical incidents caused festivals, which have been celebrated enthusiastically. These festivals attract many tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Some festivals celebrate places named UNESCO sites.
Here is some festival narrated for you…

Hampi festival:

This festival is also known as Vijaya Utsav to honour the birth of Purandaradasa, the famous ancient poet. The festival falls in October or November and is celebrated for three days. Once, Hampi was the capital city of the Vijayanagara kingdom. This ancient capital is now placed as a World Heritage site of India. During the festival, people perform their talent in classical dance, art and music. Performing Karnataka music is a highlight of this celebration. The monuments in Hampi are lit with colourful lights. The Karnataka Government celebrated this festival. Here famous attractive activity is the colourfully clad decorated elephants marching across the ruins of Hampi city and the younger ones dressed as soldiers, belonging to the golden era and standing at the lines of Hampi.

Gowri Festival:

The devotees celebrated this festival to pay tribute to Goddess Gowri Devi. The festival falls before the day of Vinayakachavati. The people worship her to shower her bestow strength and courage upon them. Goddess Gowri comes to her parent’s home like any woman on this day. The following day, she returned to her home with Lord Ganesha.


The Hindus celebrated this festival with utmost Joy. It is a sacred festival to them. During this festival celebration, the devotees follow four variety of rituals.
The first one is Prana Pratishtha: the devotees pray to Lord Ganesha to enter the Idol, which is worshipped and offered Pujas.
The second one is Shodashopachara: In this ritual, the devotees pay tribute in 16 different ways.
The third one is Uttar Puja: After Ganesha enters the Idol, they shift it to another place to worship.
The fourth one is Ganapati Visarjan: After the Puja, early morning of the next day, the devotees immerse the Ganesh Idol in the river, lake or water canals. The festival is similar to Vinayakachavati.


This is an ancient festival celebrated on the full moon day—the festival is dedicated to Draupadi. There is a legend about the formation of the festival. In Mahabharata, the Demon Tripurasura was still alive and torturing the people; Draupathi formed as Shakti and created soldiers called Veerakumaras to kill the Demon. After the war, the soldiers asked her to stay. However, She promised to come on the first full moon day of the Hindu calendar. Karaga is in a pyramid shape and covered in flowers. Nobody has to know what is inside Karaga—the folk dances were performed during the fair. The festival is very colourful, and the celebrations indicate how much the people show their love and respect towards Shakti Devi Draupadi.

Mahamastakabhishaka – Shravanabelagola:

Shravanabelagola is a famous Jain site. This is a Jain festival. However, all the religious people from all over India visit this place to see the celebrations of the Mahamastakabhisheka festival, which is held once in 12 years. The priests sprinkled the holy water on the devotees who gathered there. Later, the Metres tall Siddha Bahubali statue bathed with milk, sugarcane juice, saffron paste, and Sandalwood powder. The devotees offer gold, silver, metals and precious stones. The festival was celebrated in 2006 and next held in 2018.

Pattadakal Dance Festival:

The government of Karnataka celebrates this festival in January to honour all its famous temples. The Pattadakal is a small village near Badami in Karnataka; once, the town was the second capital of the Chalukya kings. This is a world heritage site, and many well-constructed temples can be found here. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, and various Puranic stories are sculptured on the temple’s wall. The famous Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna temples are also situated here. The artists displayed the craft items during this festival celebration, and the notable classical dancers performed their skills before the gatherers.

Kambala Festival:

Mainly this festival celebrates in Udupi. This is a traditional buffalo race organized by the farming communities. Generally, the festival is held between November to March. At first pair of buffaloes were tied to a plough, and then the farmers made them run through the field. The festival has been celebrated 1000 years to appease gods for a good harvest.