Karnataka Crafts Traditional Outlook

Karnataka Crafts:

Karnataka crafts are lovely and have decorative abilities. The craftspersons in Karnataka are transforming their skills from one generation to another. In the past, the kings and landlords played the role of patrons to thrive in the crafts. First, The arts

karnataka crafts

are Pottery, Ivory carving, wood carving, Kasuti embroidery and Cheennapatna toys. Hence the traditional artisan inlaid rosewood and ebony with Ivory. So household articles, powder boxes, bowls, Puja mandapas and wall hangings are famous Karnataka crafts.

Karnataka Traditional Crafts:

The wood is used to carve beautiful carving articles. However, the cut pieces are very realistic and make the viewers unforgettable. Mysore is famous for the carving of fragrant Srigandha Sandalwood. The artisans are very technique and have tremendously influenced carving birds, animals, flowers and creepers. The channapatna toys are the testimony to the artists to estimate their skills. Besides these, the cooking vessels, trams, trucks, and other objects are well-formed in an artistic way. Karnataka has many forest areas providing raw wood carving materials. Many ancient temples are decorated with rich decorative designs, and the idols and other figures are carved with realistic features. Here the wood-carved arts are famous all over the world.

Karnataka Crafts Pottery:

Photo Courtesy : indianholiday.com
Photo Courtesy: indianholiday.com

The village Khanpur, Belgaum District, is well known for Pottery. Here the craft men skilled in Pottery making, especially Pottery in the district, are famous for doing large jars and containers to store the food items in the houses. Almost the artisans use local clay to make Pottery and crawl beautiful designs on the pots.


Weaving is another famous craft in Karnataka and also a household craft of Karnataka. Here the artisans weave very colourful cotton sarees in dark earthy colours and use chocolate to mark the saree borders. Generally, these sarees are in mat design with white and yellow colours. The Pallu-based sarees weave in cotton or silk yarn. Karnataka, famous for Irkal Saris, is made with bright red, Peacock blue and parrot green.

The Crafts Embroidery:

Karnataka is famous for Kasuti Embroidery crafts. The embroidery designs were adopted from architectural plans, animal figures and many other objects. Since the Craft men use two embroidered stitches to bring beautiful designs, the first stitch line is an Avanti line or doubles running stitch, and the second is a ZigZag stitch.

Crafts Durries:

Navalgand Village is very famous for Durries, which are in the Dharwad district. The durries are designed with stunning colours. Since the artisans use geometrical Juxtaposition. The Durries are not only famous in India but also in foreign countries. The other special durrie is Sutada durries, straight horizontal stripes in different colours. In the past time, Craftsmen made very beautiful Ivory Crafts.