Yoga Asanas for Mental and Physical Strength

About Yoga Asanas:

Yoga Asanas are very helpful to loss the weight, mould the body as flexible as strong, increases the skin beauty, keep the peaceful mind and good health. Asanas are the third one in the eight limbs of Yoga. Asanas means staying or abiding. While we are doing the asanas we keep our body in certain position by following certain steps. By doing the Yoga asanas we can unite the body and mind which is the main concept of Yoga.

Asanas Practising:
Standing Asanas:

The standing asanas are the basis poses to the Yoga asanas. The standing asanas bring flexibility in the joints and muscles. They help to build up the stamina and physical stability of a person. The beginners have lot of benfits to practice the standing asanas. The standing asanas are the most basic training of remaining yoga poses.

yoga asanas

Bending to front Asanas:

By practising the bending Asanas, they helpful to develop the physical as well as the mental abilities of the practicer. To follow this asana the posterior bend half of his body forward and stretched.

Sitting asanas:

In this asanas the posterior sit upright and supine extending positions. This is very helpful to practice the pranayama. By doing this asanas the posterior can get strength in physically and mentally.

Inverted asanas:

These are very helpful to vanish the stress and preasure from the mind. These give strength to the body, maintain the mental balance in proper way and relax the mental emotions.

Abdominal and Lumbar Asanas:

Practicing these asanas make strength of teh abdominal organs and strengthen the lumbar areas.

Back Bending Asanas:

These asanas are the opposite to the forward bending asanas. Practising these asanas make the posterior spine extended and stretched. These asanas helpful to strengthen the physical and mental capabilities.

Balancing Asanas:

These balancing asanas are helpful to strengthen the arms and wrists of a person.

Twisting Asanas:

These asanas help to increase the functioning capacity of the internal organs of a person and keep the mind in peace mood. While doing the poses of the Asanas then the spine stretched and twisted, so it will be very healthy.

yoga asanas

Benefits of asanas:

1.All round fitness: You are not physically fit, there is no use of mentally fit. Practicing all Yogas make you joyful and enthusiastic. Pranayama the breathing technic also helpful to get the fitness of your body.

2. Weight loss: Practicing the asanas helpful to reduce the fat from the body.

3. Stress relief: Yoga practicing can be a great way to remove the stress from your thoughts.

4. Good relations: Yoga asanas are helpful to maintain the good relations with spouses, neighbours. A relaxed mind have a better ability to deal the sensitive matters. With that the people maintain good relations with others.

5. Increase the Inner strength: The asanas impresses the musciles and inner organs, in the way the body controls the blood pressure and functioning the blood to every muscle of the body in right way.