Bhujangasana-The Cobra Position


Bhujangasana is very easy to practice. First lie on the stomach, with palms on the ground. Now inhale the breath completely and hold the breath for few seconds. Now slowly raise the head and trunk, leaning backward as far as possible. During this time do not raise the abdominal region from the ground. Keep in this position for few seconds and now exhale the breath slowly. Hence Practise this Bujangasana for 2 or 3 times daily. Don’t do quickly this Asanas.

Bhujangasana Benefits:


Practicing the Bhujangasana makes the muscles of the back come into perfect force. So this Asanas may helpful to correct discs that have slipped slightly. Due to the practice, it cures the back pains, renders the spinal column more flexible and keeps in a good position. This Bujangasana practice also befits to the kidneys and digest organs to work in more effectively.


Ardha Bhujangasana:

Now touch the ground with the left knee and put out in front like in the Picture. Now Inhale the breath completely and move the weight of the body forwards without bending the torso and slowly exhale the breath. Hence stay in this pose for few seconds. Practise this asana for 2 or 3 times daily.

Practicing this Ardh Bhujangasana helpful to the kidneys to function in the right way and prevent the formation of fat around the hips. This is also very helpful to bring more flexibility in the spinal column, legs, and ankles.

Yoga Poses SalaBhasana:

Salabasana is a different way to Bhujangasana. Now lie on the stomach, with forehead touching the ground and clench the fists and stretch the arms beside the body. Later inhale the breath completely. Now with the support of fists raise the legs as high as possible, like in the position of the Picture. Stay like few seconds and exhale the breath while slowly lower the legs. Practise this exercise 2 or 3 times daily. While practicing please do slowly avoid doing in a quick manner and don’t stress on the stomach.

This exercise will relax the muscles in the back, arms, and abdomen. Practicing this exercise brings a large supply of blood to the kidneys and also a beneficial effect on digestive organs.

Yoga Poses Dhanurasana:

Now you lie on the stomach and bend the knees whilst keeping together. Hold the ankles with the hands and rest the chin on the ground. Now inhale as incomplete Yogic breathing. Then raise the leg, head and upper part of the body and stay few seconds. Now exhale the breath and relax the body gradually.

This exercise strengthens the nervous system in the body and tones up the abdominal organs. It is the best exercise to the women to avoid irregular menstruation and prevents fat forming around the stomach and hips.