How Tea is Useful to Increase the Healthy Benefits ?

Tea Benefits to Increase the Health: tea benefits


Tea, who first discovered it:

Sennung the Emperor of China who lived in 19th century BC. Every day he inhales the smell of sweet aroma somewhere. One day he went to the place where the smell comes from, there he saw some of the leaves fall into the water boiler on the stove and smells some delicious. He asked his courtiers about the smell and its quality, and then the courtiers examined and felt very relax after drinking the boiling water. Later the emperor also drank and the revolution started about the tea in the history.

200 million people Favourite :

Now every day an estimated 200 million people are drinking tea. The tea tree known as Camellia Sinensis and these trees can grow up to 30 feet high. The majority of the people starts their daily works with a cup of tea.
tea benefits

Varieties of Tea:

There are many varieties of teas, but major types of tea are four. They are White tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea. They can be made out of several types, depending on the interests of the regions. The cleaning and securing of tea depended on according to the differences in the colour and quality. Different tea flavors depend on the quality and colour of the tea leaves. The size of the leaves depended on regional weather conditions. White tea is less processed without oxidation type can be made. Green tea is to the extent necessary to perform the oxidation and Black tea oxidized. Oolong tea is the oxidation of the end of the half.

Tea Benefits:

Tea contains many qualities to help the health. They are Bohik acid and the anti-accidents and a little caffeine. These are very helpful for good health. Many people have the doubts about their health hazard because of the tea.
The anti-accidents prevent many diseases. They avoid the pressure conditions, diabetes, and cancer.
It also reduces age. Prevent the folds of the body. During the summer months, especially in tea attribute is to fulfill the thirst. Tea also useful to decrease the weight of more than 500 chemicals. Therefore taking tea prevents damage caused by chemicals. Drinking milk tea wearing body vitamins, magnesium, potassium, minerals, such as have been made of stronger bones. The brain is active.
tea benefits

Tea plantations:

In our country, Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri have the tea gardens and these three areas famous for tea plantations. Each area has a different priority. With an abundance of Darjeeling, tea is similar to the colour of gold. Assam tea is more popular in India. Black tea is very popular in this area. Nilgiri tea is known fragrance.

Truths about Tea and tea benefits:

The Chinese believe that drinking tea daily increases the lifespan up to 108 years.

Drinking three cups of tea is equivalent to eating of six apples.