Dravidian Language Family

Dravidian Language Family

The Dravidian language is surviving in various regions in India. It is a group of many languages and one of the largest language families in the world. It is uncomfortable to any other language family. The people widely used in South India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. In the ancient times, the merchants travel from one place to another for trading various objects. Some migrate from one kingdom to another, this made to evolute the Dravidian language in various regions of India and other Southern areas. Like this the language mixed with the local linguists and from the new language in the Dravidian language.

Evolution of Dravidian Language

The Dravidian language origin is the combination of 73 languages. Around 222 million people speaking in Southern India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Tamil traders spread the Tamil language to Burma, Indonesia, Guyana and other Eastern languages. Especially the country Brahui people are speaking the entire Dravidian language and 200,000 Afghan people speaking the Dravidian Origin language. The famous Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada are most speaking Dravidian family languages in South India. A major part of the Malaysia and Singapore people are speaking the Dravidian family languages. Some tribal people who have been living far from the concrete jungle are also using the Dravidian family language profoundly. Such tribal groups are Kui People of Odisha, Kurukh in Eastern India and Gond tribes.

Ancient Dravidian Language

The Dravidian languages had been coming to India during the third or fourth millennium BCE and mingle with the local languages in those days. These new languages basic vocabulary is same but the theme of the sentences are different. Especially these Dravidian languages cannot connect with any other languages in the world. They only indigenous to India so that they still exist in large areas in India as well as some countries in Asia.

Dravidian Language in Foreign Countries

The scientists found the primary elements of the evolution of Dravidian languages since the 2nd century BCE. Only some regions in the world have been using Dravidian languages, such are Brahui in Pakistan, Balochistan in Afghanistan and some parts of Nepal and Bhutan. The Arabian sea coasts also influenced by the Dravidian languages. The Marathi, Gujarati, Marwari and Sindhi languages have influenced by the Dravidian languages. The Historians divided the Indian people based on languages as Dravidians and Aryans. The Dravidians live in South India and the Aryans live in North India.