Akshardham Temple – The Place of Religious Unity

Akshardham Temple History:

Akshardham temple is one of the most fantastic tourist destinations in India. It is a vast and beautiful area and motive humans. Akshardham Mandir comprises the destiny of humankind along with Universe details. The temple is situated in Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna river. Then India President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam opened the temple on 6 November 2005. The people believe a temple is a place for worshipping, education, and enlightenment.

Akshardham Temple Presence:


The Akshardham Mandir spreads over 23 acres, and every corner extends with parks, lakes, sculptures and shrines. The atmosphere and the devotee’s behaviour indicate India’s rich heritage and culture. However, many volunteers and people have invested money to construct the marvellous architecture of Akshardham temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan.

Akshardham Mandir construction

Incredibly Swami Maharaj dedicated and contributed his life to the temple construction. The followers of Lord Swaminarayan had worked here to spread the spirituality and glory of Swami Narayan among the people of India and the rest of the world. The temple was constructed with complete pink stone brought from Rajasthan. Thousands of stones were carved with narrated sculptures of Indian culture and the Hindu concept of life. Another surprising thing is the architects did not use any cement or metal to construct the temple, in the sense of leaving a monument for a long time.

Akshardham Mandir

In the temple, 93 pillars are carved on the sculptures, and 40 windows of the temple are engraved on either side, which is outstanding. The carving sculptures on the pillars amaze us while watching. It isn’t easy to turn our eyes on the statues. The visitors can understand India’s rich tradition and culture and Such way the sculptures are carved. Another amazing thing here is that the temple does not ask the devotees to follow a particular God; instead, it asks them to pray to their mentor, who caused their existence. So the Akshardham Temple is the symbol of cultural unity and religious spirituality.