Golden Temple, Amritsar Religious Place for Sikhs

The Golden Temple, Amritsar:

golden temple

The Golden Temple is a holy place for Sikh devotees. It is the symbol of the spirituality and the historical tradition of Sikhs. Sikh Gurus founded Gurudwaras for their religious pilgrimage. The foundation of Golden Temple is the most important centre for the devotees of Sikhism, and this temple became the pilgrimage monument to the Sikhs. According to ancient Hindu Legends, the place had very glory during the Ramayana period and continued its glory up to the evolution of the Buddhist movement. The Buddhist movements completely swept away some of the important pilgrimage places of Hindus. According to the hagiographical literature, the site was chosen due to its religious antiquity. And some have stories where the site seems to be a low-lying area with a small pond surrounded by many shady trees in a jungle and encircled by the small villages of Sultanwind, Tung, Gumtala and Gilwali.

Legends of The Golden Temple:

The name of the place is derived from Lake Amrit Sarowar. Water in the lake had medicinal properties, which could cure diseases. Guru Amar Das found this lake and knew the peculiar qualities of the water, so he brought the herb water to heal the skin of Guru Angad, the second guru of the Sikhs. There is another story to show the medicinal properties of the Pool. Rai Duni Chand, a Kadar (revenue collector), had a daughter, and her husband suffered Leprosy. She was very depressed due to her husband’s Leprosy. She heard the news of sacred water in Amrit Sarowar and let him dip in the water. Once he falls into the pond, as soon as his Leprosy vanishes and lives together happily. Guru Ram Das visited this place and was impressed with the beauty of the site and the value of the sacred water in the Pool. He decided to find a place for a pilgrimage around Amrit Sarowar. There were many stories about the holy place, but Guru Ram Das was the cause of establishing this Sikh pilgrimage centre.

Construction of the Golden Temple:
golden temple

The plans for the construction of the Golden Temple were chalked out. Guru Amar Das conveyed to Ram Das for the execution of the pilgrimage. Money and other needs are arranged. Gradually the works started, and the area became a city and devotional pilgrimage. Guru Ram Das laid the village’s foundation, so the town was named Ram Das Pura.
The construction of the new Sikh centre started, and some huts and houses were also constructed around the sacred area. Bhai Jetha began the excavation of the Santokhsar (first tank). Later, the hole of the second tank, Amrit Sarowar, began under Ram Das’s supervision. While constructing the sacred monument, the village crowded and settled with fifty-two caste groups from Patti, Kasur and Kalanaur. In 1577 AD, the tank and the town were constructed.