Swastika The Sacred Symbol of Hindus

Swastika, the Sacred Symbol:


Swastika means bringing fortune to those who contain the symbol. It is a sign of prosperity. For thousands of years, the importance of Swastika has been in the debate. But Nazis misused the Sign and brought out the discussion on the significance of the Swastika.
Sanskrit derives from the Sanskrit language, which means good fortune and luck. But unfortunately, the German Tyrant Hitler misused the symbol and kept it his party’s official symbol. So, Wes, tern countries feel this symbol is unfavourable—the meanings of the present Swastika create societal problems. In the Western world, people believe that the symbol of the Swastika impressed people. It belongs to Nazis due to its genocide during the Second World War.

Indians Sacred Symbol:

The Swastika symbol is a very sacred symbol to the Indians. It has four arms of equal length, and the ends of each component are bent at a right angle. The ancient symbol was famous in the ancient world. Now especially, it is a ubiquitous symbol in religious Indian history.


Swastika, The Sign Changes its Meaning:

During the 18th century, Germany and its countries formed an empire. Till 1871 Germany was not unified and not the strongest country in Europe. After 1871 nat, nationalism spread among the youth at its peak. So the symbol is being started using as their National Symbol. Tye another cause is the character had an ancient Aryan history. This was later turned into the representation of German Aryan history. Later in the 19th century, the character became a familiar symbol of Germany and its nationalism. Especially during the second world war, the character became very popular as the symbol of evil due to the Nazi’s brutal activities toward the people and soldiers during the end of the nineteenth century. It turned into the German emblem of the German Gymnasts’ League.

Swastika, The Hindu Religious Symbol:


The Swastika symbol is one of the sacred symbols for the Hindu religious people. It is one of the symbols among the 108 characters of Lord Vishnu. This is also a symbol which also belongs to the Sun God. According to the belief of Hindus, it rotates its arms as how the Sun turns from East to West. The left-hand Swastika represents the Hindu Goddess Kali. This symbol also has been used as a sacred symbol in Buddhism.
The auspicious symbol of the Swastika is commonly used in Hindu religious art and on the walls of temples for decorating purposes. We can see the emblem on temples, doorways, clothing and other essential instruments. It is majorly used on occasions of marriages and festivals. Architecture and decoration. It can be seen on temples, houses, doorways, clothing, cars, and cakes.

Swastika Its Presence in the World:

We can see the Swastika symbol commonly in every household. It is also painted on the doorstep and the sideway. The sacred symbol is the Hindus’ second most celebrated auspicious symbol after Om. The logo also relates to humans, animals, hell and heaven and denotes victory. Hitler and the Germans mostly misused the emblem. But the Sign is sacred to Ethiopia, America, Ukraine and Japan. They feel the character brings luck to the wearer.