10 lines on my Family

10 lines on my family

My family is only the source to achieve my goals in life. In every one life, the family plays an important role to learn relation, bondage and humanity.

1. My family is like a heaven to me. I enjoy with my family members whenever time allowed me to spend. It is a joint family contain 12 members.

2. My family members help each other in their works in order to make easy the hard work.

3. My family members are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my father’s younger brother, my aunt, my two sisters, four cousin brothers and me. Each of we is brought up by learning affection and bondage among us. We play in the evenings and went outside for picnics on the holidays.

my family

4. My father is a doctor and mother homemaker. My father is always very busy with his hospital works. However, he never forgets to look after my education growth and my cousins’ education standards. He explains sometimes about the society, needs of the people and sufferings of the human beings. As a doctor, he encouraged us to eat stuff food which helps our health.

5. My father is the family head and my uncle also fulfills his duties for the family. At present, the families are dividing as neutral families. Even though my father and Uncle lead their life with mutual understanding. So that my grandparents living happily with their grandchildren and sons. These same thoughts also brought up in our hearts so all of we love each other and never show jealously on any one of my family. It is the family rule to sit all the family members together for dinner in the night.

6. I love my family with great respect.

7. I play with my sister and my cousins in the holidays.

8. I have a deep intimacy with my grandmother and father. My grandmother narrates to us the moral stories which are very fond of to listen. Sometimes she explains her childhood memories. While she was explaining, we see a glow on her face.

9. My mother made delicious dishes for us. Especially on the special occasions, she arranges us new clothes.

10. I am very proud to be a member of such a great and lovable family. I always continue my affections with all my family members.