Himachal Pradesh Traditional Costumes

Himachal Pradesh Traditional Costumes:

himachala pradesh traditional costumes

In Himachal Pradesh, the main Brahmin and Rajput clans follow the tradition and culture with the utmost respect. These women wearing costumes are Kurtas, Ghagra Lehenga Choli, and Rahide. Kurtas in the style of oriental blouse and long clad. Ghagra Lehenga choli is extended ankle clad and tops with intricate embroidery. Rahide is a lovely crimson headscarf strung with golden fringes. The farmers and the workers prefer to wear kurtas for comfort and cap. Himachal Pradesh women prefer to wear long pyjamas during festival occasions, general ceremonies, and marriages. In Himachal Pradesh, the Chamba folk decorated themselves with headscarves. These scarves contain bright printed cotton cloth and are knotted at the back.

Himachal Pradesh Traditional Costumes:

Western countries are very near to this state. So there is some influence on the Himachal Pradesh people in their tradition and culture, especially the wearing of costumes. The changing styles can be found very quickly when we look at them. Even the younger generations were influenced a lot due to Western influence. Hand-woven costumes are famous in Himachal Pradesh, and the people first prefer to wear these clothes. Hence the women in Himachal Pradesh are very renowned for weaving headscarves. The shoes have peculiar quality, are made from grass, and can easily keep the feet warm. Himachal Pradesh handlooms are famous in India, have peculiar qualities, and are rich in colour.

Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh:

Here ornaments are well-known all over. Especially the bangles and rings are produced from horsehair. These accessories seem very beautiful. The Chamba women are interested in wearing these ornaments. Here the shawls are famous, and the structure and patterns on the shawl are very smooth and fascinating. There are wide varieties of Pashmina shawls made with Pashmina goat hair. These shawls have a lot of demand not only in India but also in the world. Other shawls are Dhobroo and Pattu, which are very smooth and have beautiful designs.