Massage Benefits in Daily Life

Massage Benefits in Daily Life:

Massage is beneficial to health and controls the body’s condition. Massages are also helpful for properly maintaining nerve function. There are wide varieties of massage, and here are some, they are 1. Oil massage 2. Dry massage 3. Foot massage 4. Cold massage  5. Warm Cold massage. Different ailments call for other massages and must be done keeping the patient’s condition. Not all patients can be given the same type of massage.

Uses of Massages:
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We can get massage benefits when we follow them. The cold massage is ideal for patients with insomnia, nervous weakness, burning sensation and vibration in the body. Even light massage with oil is beneficial in the abovementioned cases. For weak and thin people, an oil massage is ideal. Paralysis, backache, leg pain, and polio patients greatly benefit from oil, foot, and hot-cold massages. Apart from these, some particular parts of the backbone in case of weakness of nerves, massage of the neck, chest and back in case of asthma and bronchitis; head and neck in case of a headache and particularly the oil massage at the part of the liver is very beneficial for the patients.

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Oil Massage:

One can massage oneself is very difficult to get excellent benefits; getting somebody else to massage is better. Leave your hand loose and massage toward the heart from the upper parts of the body. Slowly and frequently press smoothly on the chest and continue for a few seconds. The massage stimulates the veins and ideally forces the blood’s inner flow. This helps to cleanse the body of impurities. The massage should concentrate on the muscles and not on the bones. This will help the muscles to become flexible. Massage the body well for five to seven minutes before the bath. This oil massage can be straightforward and dry. Rub the entire body by rubbing with your hands and palms.

Massage to the Organs:

Leg: Take some oil and pour it on the portion. Start from the ankle and bring the hand up using a circular motion. Use the palms of both hands and rub in opposite directions. Now gently strike the leg with your hands.

Arm: Rub oil on the arm, massage slowly, starting from the wrist, and use the hands in a circular motion. Now gently strike the hands slowly with your fingers.

Stomach: Rub the oil with both hands on the belly from right to left, and during the massage, slowly pat with palms on the stomach. Then catch the flesh with your fingers and rub it downwards and upwards. This way of massage helps to reduce fat.

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Chest: Rub the chest from all over the chest with oil and move the hands on the chest in every direction with oil. Move the hand outwards from the middle. Now cup both palms and gently tap the bin all over. This message is helpful to the heart and lungs.

Back: Rub oil at the back and massage well from left to right and down to up. Place both palms side by side with the backbone in the middle and press and rub downwards. During the massage, rub the spine with your thumbs. Finally, cup the palms and pat gently.

Neck and Face: Apply the oil on the face and neck; now, move the hand downwards from the chin and rub the neck. Massage the face downwards. Use fingers around the eyes.

Head: Apply the oil to the authority and massage right up to the roots of the hair. Use a circular motion to massage the forehead and crown. Cup the palm and pat the head. Doing this message is better before the bath.